Do I need to insure my motorhome or caravan whilst in storage?

Do you need to insure your caravan or motorhome whilst it’s in storage?

Insure your caravan or motorhome whilst it’s in storage

Yes, we do require you to insure your motorhome or caravan whilst in storage. This is to ensure everyone is covered and safe.

Getting your motorhome or caravan insured

We have a number of deals available from our insurance partners where a discount is offered. These might include 12 months cover for the price of 10 months or a straightforward discount. The links below are just a couple of good ideas. Our recommendation is always go for specialist insurance from an underwriter who knows leisure vehicles.

Take a look at the following links… you’re welcome!

Motorhome Direct Insurance

Caravan Guard – Motorhome & Caravan Insurance


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