What happens if I lose my gate key?

We operate a simple electronic gate key system. All our customers are given a unique key that resembles a plain white credit card.  But what happens if I lose my gate key?

Our access systems enable  you to have simple self access at any time you like. Read more about access times here.

But what if lose my gate key?

The key card must be kept safe. If you lose one please call us immediately. We will then deactivate it remotely (yes, clever eh?!) and re-issue you a new one.
We do charge a refundable deposit for the keys. This is refunded in full when the key is returned. However, if you lose it or something happens to it that stops it working, ie the dog decided to eat it (yes, it’s happened before!), the deposit is forfeited and a new deposit is charged and new key issued.

We are able to track use of the keys too which is part of our CaSSOA record keeping compliance.

Electronic key do’s and don’ts

We ask that you do NOT lend the key to anybody, please don’t write on the key and please keep it safe. We suggest keeping it in your wallet, in your glovebox of the car or somewhere safe at home.


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