What does CaSSOA mean?

What does CaSSOA mean? Who are they? Why is being a member important?

CaSSOA – The Caravan and Storage Operator Association

CaSSOA are a trade organisation setup in 1999 to help regulate the caravan and motorhome storage industry by setting standards for security, data management etc. This is very important to insurers who are able to access the database and make informed decisions based on the storage businesses score and assessment.

Member storage sites are independently assessed regularly by an insurance company on behalf of CaSSOA. The results are sent to CaSSOA who then assign a rating to the storage site with recommendations for improvements where required.

We are proud members of CaSSOA with a SILVER Award. To achieve membership requires us to have an inspection of a number of things. This includes security, amenities, our GDPR compliance, data processing, admin systems facilities and our management. At MHC Storage we operate a site where every customer has an electronic gate key giving them easy and simple access during our opening hours. As a result we are unable to achieve a GOLD standard. We have taken the decision that we love the flexibility that our access policy offers and are very happy to be rated silver as a result.

Why choose a CaSSOA storage facility?

The obvious answer is peace of mind due to the standards offered. But the slightly less obvious one is the potential insurance premium cost increase that my be imposed as a result of using a farmers field or storage facility that is not accredited. This is especially important for caravan owners where the risk of theft is much greater than that of a motorhome.  If you are considering storing somewhere other than an approved storage facility our best advice is to check with you insurers before you commit. The farmers field may be a lot cheaper but the saving may be lost on increased insurance, not to mention the lack or peace of mind you will experience.


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