Is there water I can use in storage?

Is there water onsite I can use in storage so I can wash my caravan or motorhome or top up my water tank?

The answer is “yes but,”…

We have a standpipe onsite that is available for our team to use to wash and valet motorhomes and caravans.

Use of our water onsite

It is also available for customer in our Storage PLUS or Storage Total Care plans. On request we will refill water tank as a managed service.

We are very mindful to manage our waste water very carefully due to waterways around the site and the natural balance that harmful chemicals could cause.

We are also on a water meter and we do not want the water use to be abused by people who are in storage with us.

So, if you would like to have your motorhome or caravan professionally washed and valeted do get in touch and we will organise this for you. Equally, if you want the convenience and ease of having your motorhome or caravan completely prepared prior to a holiday please ask us about Storage TotalCare or Storage PLUS plans.

You can find more details on our valeting costs on our website HERE >>>

Details of our other storage plans are HERE >>>


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