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We are now a CaSSOA Accredited Storage Site!

We are very happy to say that we are now CaSSOA Silver Accredited. A CaSSOA accreditation is based on a number of factors surrounding site security and on-site facilities.

What is the benefit of a CaSSOA Accredited storage site?

You can read about all the benefits on CaSSOA’s website, but the main point to think about is security. Here’s a snippet from them:

A CaSSOA storage site gives you total peace of mind by minimising security risks to your caravan with features like full perimeter fencing, lockable gates, CCTV and monitored entry and exit of the site. All our caravan storage sites have achieved their CaSSOA accreditation by way of an individual site survey and have been awarded either Gold, Silver or Bronze status dependent upon the security features in place at the site.

What is the significance of a Silver Accreditation?

Accreditation is based on points, and assessed by an independent risk surveyor. Each category will attract points, and the more points received, the higher the award level attained. Our site at Smallway has good access security with additional gates that are padlocked out of hours.
We love our ‘free daytime access’ policy, in which every member has their own storage access key card and allows them to enter anytime during our open hours.  This does mean that we are unable to attain a Gold CaSSOA accreditation, however we believe the benefit of self-access is more valuable to our members.

The Silver award is a standard that insurers accept when confirming security and levels of risk to your motorhome or caravan.

Our ongoing improvements

We are continually working on improving the site and its overall security. This July we are upgrading the CCTV cameras, with additional cameras also planned in this current phase.
This month, our access gate is having its automation fitted.  This means the gate will open itself, stay open safely and then close securely behind you, so that you never have to leave your car. We are also introducing remote CCTV monitoring to the site. If the automated gate is left open it will alert our call centre, they can then log in and access the CCTV to see what is going on and we can respond quickly and appropriately.

Additional security fencing improvements are also planned alongside a weed control plan that is already underway.

Over the summer we will be improving the layout and helping with the ease of manoeuvring the site. This includes marking out numbered pitches for all of our members. This is building on our already introduced windscreen / window stickers , which are uniquely numbered to help us keep track of vehicles that are stored with us.

A lot of exciting improvements are taking place over the next few months! For our existing customers, you will see signs of the improvements as they happen.  For our new customers we welcome you and look forward to looking after your motorhome, caravan, boat or vehicle.

Find our listed info on the CaSSOA website here.

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