Winter storage for you motorhome, caravan or boat

Winter storage for your motorhome, caravan or boat

As autumn approaches, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with your pride and joy this winter. If you’re lucky enough to have storage space on the drive, that could be your number one option. Although, if you know you won’t have the time to properly check it, then you’ll also need to prepare for that big spring clean as April comes round. Plus, your neighbours might not be too pleased with the new view out of their front window. With our tailored plans from basic storage to a complete concierge service, we’ve got the perfect winter storage for your motorhome, boat or caravan, freeing up space on your drive and keeping all the neighbours happy over the festive period.

We offer different care packages with each plan so you can rest assured all your vehicle’s needs are met during the cold months. So, when the sun comes shining again, you can head straight out on your first adventure of the year without a second thought.

Winter care packages

Keeping your motorhome or caravan in tiptop condition during the winter is crucial to ensure it is safe and ready to use it again in the spring. Our expert team have years of experience looking after a fleet of motorhomes every winter, as those of you who are lucky enough to have glimpsed or experiences the sales and hire side of MHC will know.
For our StoragePlus and StorageTotalCare customers, we offer a winter care package on top of all the usual benefits. This includes monthly maintenance, washes, snow clearing and condition checks that we give to you each month. These checks come with photographs and a full report on any issues we may have found. Our hassle-free service keeps your motorhome or caravan fit, healthy and cared for so that you can ride off into the sunset in Spring worry free.

Only have our basic storage plan?

Do not fear! You can purchase and book services individually so that your plan is adapted to yours and your vehicle’s exact needs. Just get in touch to discuss what we can do for you over the cold winter months.


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